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Recruiting phases

What happens after you send your application? Learn more about our recruitment here.
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    A new career with us?

    We offer variety of opportunities in different disciplines, whether you are commercially focused engineer or a laboratory technician. Find an open vacancy that attracts you on our career site

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    I want that job!

    Tell us about yourself in an application and CV. We will contact you and inform you about the progress of your application. 

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    Say it with video

    Sometimes we use video interviews in our recruitment. When you receive an invitation to a video interview, record your answers in good lighting and remember to relax: often the first take is already successful!

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    Face to face

    When you arrive to Orion for your interview, register at the reception with your ID. Remember to take relevant school and work certificates with you.

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    How does this role fit to you?

    Sometimes our recruitment involves suitability assessment, which includes a selection on pre-assignments (on-line) and in-depth interview. You will receive deeper understanding of the role and surely learn something new about yourself! 

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    It's a deal

    When we click, the recruiting manager will contact you with our offer to discuss with you. 

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    Key to the future

    When we find a common solution, the manager will prepare the employment contract and plan your onboarding in a way that getting to know your new workplace and colleagues will be smooth.