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Each year, we offer students at various stages of their studies numerous opportunities to learn about working in the pharmaceutical industry through traineeships and thesis projects.

Phase1 trainee program

Phase1 is Orion Group’s trainee programme for university students that takes place every summer

Orion’s Phase1 summer trainee programme offers students in the fields of natural sciences, pharmacy, technology and economics the opportunity to showcase their talent in an international pharmaceutical company. The application period for the programme is in January.

In addition to the Phase1 programme, there are trainees working in different units throughout the year. In the spring, in particular, we offer the opportunity for students to complete work-based learning periods for their vocational qualifications. These are coordinated in cooperation with several vocational schools in our various locations. In addition to these forms of traineeships, we employ a large number of summer workers, apprentices, work experience students and other trainees every year.

Read more about our Phase1 trainee program

How to apply for a traineeship

All of our traineeships are announced on our Open vacancies page.

If you are interested in a traineeship at Orion, you can submit your application for the job vacancy that interests you. In your application, please tell us at least about your educational background, your preferences for when you would like the traineeship to take place, your wishes regarding the content of the traineeship and your motivation for applying for the position. Please note that we do not accept job applications by email for GDPR reasons.  
We also work closely with educational institutes at different educational levels, and our partners also advertise our traineeship vacancies through their own channels. 
If you have any questions about traineeships, you can send them using this form
If you are a representative of an educational institute and are interested in developing a partnership with us, please contact our Talent Acquisition Services team using this form

Thesis projects

Every year, Orion commissions several theses for its different departments. If you have a topic in mind on which you would like to author a thesis for us, please contact us using this form.

Please contact us well in advance of starting your thesis, so that we can find a suitable contact person within our organisation, if necessary.

If you would like to find out about opportunities to write a thesis for us in general, please view our Open Vacancies page, as we also post all vacancies there.

Student visits and recruitment events

We organise student visits to Orion every year. Please contact us at least two months in advance of a potential visit, so there is more chance of us being able to organise the visit.

At the fairs at which Orion is represented, specialists from various departments, depending on the target group of the event, are present to discuss their work in the relevant field within the Orion Group. Representatives from HR also attend the events to answer general questions related to working at Orion.