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Pharmaceutical production at Orion

Production employees have a wide variety of tasks at Orion. Read more about the various jobs and the plant operations!

Orion has six modern production plants in Finland for the manufacture and packaging of medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.  
The pharmaceutical plants are located in Espoo, Turku, Kuopio and Salo. They manufacture a variety of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products, including gels, solutions, injections, tablets, capsules, cytostatics, inhalators, creams and nasal products.​​  
​​​​​​​Orion’s subsidiary Fermion manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients in Oulu and Hanko.

Production employees’ tasks at the pharmaceutical plants

Pharmaceutical production work includes manufacturing and packaging medicines in clean rooms with different classifications, monitoring production lines, controlling processes, using protective equipment in connection with pharmaceutical production, creating and managing documents, managing cleaning procedures and complying with instructions. The work requires special attention and care, as well as technical skills. Finnish language skills are a requirement for nearly all production jobs, as Finnish is our working language, and our instructions and guidelines are in Finnish. 
Depending on the department, we mainly work during the day or in two or three shifts. The five-shift model is also in use. 

Read more about the operations of our units and departments in different locations