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Learning, development and career opportunities

We want to be the best and most successful in our field in promoting well-being and health. This purpose challenges us to constantly renew and develop as individuals and as a community. The skills and expertise that our employees have are the cornerstone of Orion's success, which is why we want to continuously maintain and develop the skills of our staff.

We support the development and professional growth of our staff in various ways, including coaching, mentoring and on-the-job learning. The development of Orion employees' skills is based on our strategy and goals. We want to ensure that all Orion employees have the necessary skills to achieve our goals. 

Learning and development via multiple ways 

We have long invested in developing the skills and expertise of our specialists and supervisors. We systematically develop our supervisor’s leadership skills in line with the Orion leadership principles. This includes extensive training programmes for our supervisors and experts. In fact, we offer a wide range of in-house coaching programmes tailored to our employees' needs, which supports continuous learning.  

We also encourage mentoring, in which top experts and experienced colleagues share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues, and experts in different fields share their knowledge with each other. "Orion has a wide range of expertise and experience that can be shared through mentoring.  The mentoring programme aims to share knowledge and expertise and to support networking and career development" explains Susanna Sevon-Laakso, Learning Solutions Team Leader at Orion. 
Learning on the job is a one of the best ways for development at Orion. In the annual Succeeding together! -discussion everyone works with their supervisor to draw up a plan for their personal development. We want to encourage learning on the job, develop our learning culture and modernise our learning methods. Orion also has career paths to encourage our employees to broaden and deepen their skills.  

Career opportunities at Orion  

Recently, around half of Orion's vacancies have been filled internally. We believe that learning takes place largely on the job, together with team members. Actively seeking knowledge and taking on new challenges in our own work, projects and even in a new role are the best ways to learn.  

We want to encourage job rotation and new career opportunities within our organisation. Through job rotation and new challenging tasks, everyone can grow professionally according to their own interests. We invest in internal mobility wherever possible.    
You can read more about skills development and career opportunities in our responsibility report and in our career stories where Orion employees tell us about their career paths.