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At Orion, you will be part of a community of international top experts

Orion is a global leader in its strategic focus areas in the pharmaceutical sector. At Orion, you will be involved in varied, demanding and inspiring work in pharmaceutical research, development and production. It is important to us to ensure that our world-class experts have a good balance between work and life.

Orion is a company with global operations and international networks: our products are available on the market in more than 100 countries, and we have locations in more than 30 countries. Most of our foreign locations focus on sales and marketing. Orion has research and development operations in Finland, Great Britain and Belgium.

 Orion offers you an exceptional vantage point in the industry. The operations of our units in Finland cover the entire life cycle of medicines – from research and development to production, logistics, sales and marketing. The core therapy areas of Orion’s pharmaceutical research are oncology and pain, in which we represent global top expertise. We are primarily seeking experts with special competence in these areas. Experience and broad-based expertise in positions of responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry are also crucial for international operations. 

We provide our experts with highly flexible work opportunities. The hybrid model used at Orion allows for remote work, even from another country as needed, depending on the job. However, all jobs occasionally involve meetings and tasks that require the employee to be present in their unit. 

Nordic model of working life 

In many respects, Finland is among the world’s best living environments. In all Orion’s locations around the world, the work is guided by the company’s values and a Nordic corporate culture which fosters a good balance between work and life, competence development, a sense of community, diversity, equality and a sustainable way of working. At Orion, every employee can contribute to development processes and the company’s renewal.  

Our working languages are English and Finnish. Some of our units in Finland operate entirely in English.  

We support the transfer of international experts to Finland in many ways. We offer information about living in Finland during the recruitment process. International experts are also assigned a contact person to help them with all the practical aspects of moving to Finland, from finding a home to identifying services that the family needs. Orion’s own networks facilitate integration into the workplace. 


I love laboratory work and science. What motivates me most is testing new things, learning and problem solving. Our research team has exactly the range of skill that developing effective and safer new cancer drugs requires. As a manager, I want to see my team members progress in their careers. This is also central to Orion’s corporate culture in general: we value each other’s expertise.”

Marcin Chrusciel, Orionin Head of Antibody Drug Conjugates; PhD, biochemistry