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Information about the Research Foundation

Orion Research Foundation sr distributes grants according to Foundation's rules for Finnish medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and natural sciences related to those, such as chemistry and physics. Grants are awarded for researchers with a doctorate and young scientists without a doctorate, for scientific research.

Most of the grants are from EUR 3,000 to EUR 5,000. The Foundation has distributed grants maximum EUR 50,000 for young researcers since 2018. Before that, the Foundation has distribured grants maximum EUR 25,000 usually for international post doc –research or founding an own research group. The Foundation has also been involved with the Foundations’ Professor Pool during its operation.  In 2022 two grants of EUR 100,000 were awarded to Tiina Sikanen and Jukka Westermarck. On Orion 100th anniversary in 2017 two grants amount of EUR 100,000 were awarded to Johanna Ivaska and Mikko Niemi. Orion-Farmos-award amount of EUR 75,000 was awarted to Hannes Lohi in 2012.

The board of the Research Foundation has 11 members. They represent the organisations of the awarded fields, five Academic Medical Education Deparments and Orion Corporation.

The Foundation's ability to distribute grants is based on its funds investment revenues. Part of the funding is received annually by the Orion Co. This amount is included Orion Corporation's profit distribution proposition and is verified separately in corporation meeting each year.

Orion Research Foundation sr’s decisions about the grants are independent from Orion Corporation's influence.