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Out-licencing: Expanding the reach

Out-licensing expands our product reach to meet their full potential and to build well-being in global scale. Therefore Orion is always looking for complementary, mutually beneficial partnerships with an eye for the future.

Innovative Medicine Out-Licensing

Orion’s own R&D activity has generated several drugs for global markets based on Orion's own molecule discoveries.  
Over the years to obtain global coverage for our products we have engaged in out-licensing and partnering with other multi-national companies. Our current pipeline can be found here.

Out-Licensing of branded, generic and consumer health products

Orion’s generic product portfolio consists of a range of over 300 branded, generic and over-the-counter and self-care products. 
While the out-licensing opportunities on the Orion branded prescription products offer solutions in the respiratory, Parkinson’s and HRT areas, the out-licensing offering in the generic prescription and the consumer health products are more diverse set of products.  
Our generic product dossiers (Medicinal Dossiers and Food Supplements, Medicinal Devices and Cosmetics) currently available for out-licensing can be found in the Dossier list.  
The Orion Dossier list is far from being a static list, since current products are being complemented by new ones from our portfolio and from our generic development process – and also, as therapies keep evolving, there’s sometimes a window for an older product to make a re-entry to the market.    

Interested in our products for licensing? 

Orion consistently evaluates partnering opportunities concerning its portfolio products around the world.  
We’re confident to say that we have perfected a process where the partnership is designed to yield value to both parties, right from the beginning.