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Alliance and Partner Management: A tradition of excellence

Orion has decades of experience in partnering with companies of different scale from all over the world. We continuously try and push boundaries, both scientifically and commercially, together with our partners.

Partner Management Resources take care of strategic partnerships

At the core of our Alliance mindset, you will find our strategic partnerships, the collaborations deemed essential for realizing our vision and strategic objectives. Alliance Management resources – an extension of our Business Development function – are charged with taking care of our ever-important strategic partnerships.  
Working together with their counterparts at the partner companies, Alliance Management resolves operational and contractual issues. Moreover, as part of our Business Development approach, we ensure already at the negotiation stage that the goals and objectives are aligned on both sides. At all times, we strive for a balanced partnership. 
Our in-house Partner Management Training Program focuses on making partnership management a core competence at Orion, establishing a solid understanding of what successful co-operation requires. 

Alliance launch process ensures successful collaboration

For every alliance, the implementation of the partnership starts with a comprehensive alliance launch process. This means establishing – together with the partner – teams with a joint framework and common rules. This process is facilitated by Alliance Management to ensure a shared understanding of the partnership agreement and its goals, operation, management and foreseen challenges. In addition, establishing proper lines of communication early on is a prerequisite for successful collaboration. 
We operate a state-of-the-art set of tools for project management, collaboration and communication.  
We are partnering oriented and committed to constantly improving the quality of all our interactions. 
The professionals at the Orion Global Business Development and Alliance Management team are at you’re the teams’ disposal for any partnering or collaboration related inquiry or proposal.