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Joining forces with Orion

Successful companies differentiate themselves not only through superior products or services, but also their competences in collaboration.

For Orion, well-functioning partnerships are a business priority. We have the processes, structures, competences, and the right mindset in place – we are partnering oriented and ensure efficiency and flexibility every step of the way.

Why is Orion the partner of choice for so many?

Here are some of the characteristics that we are internationally known for:

  • reliability, financial stability & long-term focus
  • business competence coupled with strong commitment 
  • world-class R&D expertise and track-record 
  • integrity & honesty in all of our dealings 
  • desire to put effort into partnerships
  • long and successful partnering heritage, globally

Most of our partners consider us to be just the right size – not too big and not too small. This means, for example, that we emphasize timely, accurate and efficient communication through-out the partnership life cycle. Our track record shows that we are willing and able to invest at the appropriate level into each and every partnership.

Are you looking for a partner or licensee? 

We would be happy to receive and evaluate collaboration proposals around different assets that would fit Orion’s focus areas, resources and capabilities.