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Share capital and basic share information

On 31 December 2022, Orion's share capital was EUR 92,238,541.46.

Number of Orion shares on 21 June 2023:

Class A shares 33,462,382
Class B shares 107,671,896
Total 141,134,278

Both share classes, A and B, confer equal rights to the Company’s assets and dividends.

Voting rights conferred by shares

Each A share entitles its holder to twenty (20) votes at General Meetings of Shareholders and each B share one (1) vote. However, a shareholder cannot vote more than 1/20 of the aggregate number of votes from the different share classes represented at the General Meetings of Shareholders.

In addition, Orion and Orion Pension Fund do not have the right to vote at Orion Corporation’s General Meetings of Shareholders.