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Stakeholder engagement

Orion is part of an extensive pharmaceutical industry network and we engage with our stakeholders on a daily basis. Open and active dialogue with stakeholders is essential to meet the expectations placed on our operations. Engagement with our stakeholders is also key to developing sustainable practices in our sector.

We work closely with various stakeholders. We listen to their expectations and ideas through a variety of channels, including digital feedback and notification channels, surveys and questionnaires, meetings and events, working groups and regulatory audits.

The expectations of our stakeholders have been taken into account through the materiality analysis carried out in Orion’s sustainability programme in 2018.

Orion's key stakeholders

  • Patients and consumers
  • Customers and partner sales
  • Existing and potential employees
  • Investors
  • Supply chain partners
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Pharmacies
  • Authorities
  • Patient organisations