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Endeavor is the culmination of years of independent suspension and stability control research and development. It’s our most compact system ever. A perfect crossover board for those who wish to travel off road occasionally but need a smaller ESK8 for their neighborhood or city. Everything that makes it such a capable off road beast simultaneously allows it to be the most comfortable board on the market for neighborhood and city riding. 

2 x 6374 motors on a belt drive system, combine with a coil-over shock-supported independent suspension system, providing loads of torque, plenty of speed, and precise agility to conquer any terrain you point it at.

Our Endeavor is closer to a SUV where it features some of the technology from X4S but it was also made to be more portable and better suited to city riding overall. It’s still a capable off roader due to its independent suspension setup and power but it is 2WD. It also has a stationary battery setup. You can’t go wrong with either but choosing between either is ultimately a matter of prioritization.

               SPECS - ENDEAVOR
Length 44 inches/1140mm
Width 22 inches/560mm
Height 9.6 inches/245mm
Wheel size 8 inches/200mm
Ground clearance 4.4 inches/110mm
Maximum payload 330lb/150kg
Chassis Independent suspension
Tyre pressure 2 bar/25psi
Deck Maple composite deck
Board weight 37lb/17kg
Electrical Control
Battery pack range 43km/27miles
Battery 15Ah/666Wh, 12S3P
Battery weight /
Controller ESC
Shock absorber Adjustable 350lb coil over shocks
Motors 2x6374 brushless motors 900W
Transmission 2xBelt Drive
Hill climb 30%
Recharge time 3.5hrs
Top speed 45kmh/27.9mph
Brakes Regenerative braking
Manipulation Mode
Remote Controller Wireless 2.4G
Remote Monochrome screen
Speed level
LO: 8km/h;
MI: 15km/h;
HI: 45km/h;
PRO: 45km/h(High torque) 
Cruise control
Controller high voltage protection
Low voltage return warning
Remote control low voltage display

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